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Regency Retirement Residence enables independent seniors to control their own lifestyle and costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Masking is optional for residents and visitors to Regency Retirement Residence, except in the following cases…

  1. Individuals experiencing any of the following symptoms must wear a mask:

  2. Sore throat

  3. Cough

  4. Congestion

  5. Runny nose

  6. New loss of taste or smell

  7. Fever

Individuals who have had a positive COVID-19 test result or known exposure in the last 10 days must wear a mask.

Regency is an apartment style community exclusively for people age 55 and over. It is also a non-profit corporation (501c3) under Iowa state law.  A person must meet three criteria to qualify for Regency ownership:

  1. Be at least age 55 
  2. Qualify financially
  3. Be an “independent” senior

A five-person Board of Directors chosen by the Members. Three resident Directors and two local community members serve and are chosen at an annual meeting.  A Manager and staff carry out the Board’s policies.

Regency is an owner occupied community with prices based on square footage. Those who purchase, own a membership with voting rights in the non-profit corporation. Ownership gives one a membership certificate of title, the apartment of their choice, an elegant and lovely community room for socials and personal use, and free laundry amenities.

Some utilities are included (water, sewer).  Since everyone’s usage is different, our Members have currently voted to pay their own personal gas and electric. Just another way our Members can choose to control their own costs, without subsidizing the expenses of others. Computer & Internet access is FREE! 

Laundry facilities are included and free.

Below are optional for additional fees:

  • Garages:  Attached ($45/mo) or detached ($40/mo)
  • Telephone: Landline or Cell
  • Cable Television: A Mediacom Cable TV 90 channel package is available for $49/mo., with additional packages of your choice, such as extra sports, movies, etc.

You and your personal physicians continue to handle your health decisions.  Regency welcomes all “in home” care and service providers that you or your physicians choose, such as Homeward, At Home Care, Home Instead, Hospice, and others. 

Residents can plan and organize activities independently. There is coffee in the community room for visiting and birthdays and holidays are typically celebrated with pot lucks or other activities. During the winter months, the manager may schedule a program or entertainment to help with the winter “blahs” and give residents something to look forward to.

Questions? Please contact Vicki at 515.382.6169 or regency2@iowa-seniorliving.com 

Regency Retirement Residence is a pet free facility with exceptions only being approved by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.

Cost Comparisons

At Regency, You Control Your Lifestyle & Costs

  • Membership at Regency is based upon our Members having a say in their own costs and lifestyle.
  • It is your money and there are no “surprises”. Everything is laid out clearly, right up front, and the Members themselves help decide association dues and changes.  
  • Upon resale, your total proceeds are returned to you or your estate.

Estimated Costs At Your Current Property Versus Living At Regency

ExpensesYour Current Monthly EstimatesYour Regency Estimates
Property Taxes$225Included
Electric & Gas (Per Usage)$250$100 (estimated)
Computer & Internet Access$60Included
Property Insurance12510.00
Routine Maintenance (Plumbing, electrical, mowing, snow removal250Included
Major Repairs / Replacements (appliances, fictures, windows, roof, siding, paint)100Included
Transportation Costs (vehicle upkeep, plus $2.50/gal for gas) + Garage100As Requested
Monthly Duesn/a$820 – $1051
Peer Friendships, Convenience, Security, Privacy, Social Optionsn/aIncluded & Priceless!
Total Monthly Estimate$1,260$930 – $1,161

Meet Our Staff

John - Maintenance Technician

John Bell

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